The main objectives of Turkic World Red Apple Awards which aim to determine and reward those who have contributed to the fields such as; state, diplomacy, business, science, culture, art, technology, strategy, sports, public diplomacy in Turkic World; are as follows:

- Increasing the prestige of Turkic World and its people

- Strengthening Turkic identity and culture; promoting Turkic culture to the world

- Maintaining solidarity and brotherhood among Turkic people who are located around the world

- Promoting the finest artworks of Turkic culture all around the world

- Paving the way for scientific initiatives and technological advancements in Turkic World

- Providing basis for innovation and new perspectives

- Contributing to the development of Turkic World particularly in politics and economy

- Supporting the works of art and products that are related to Turkic culture

- Encouraging talented people who can represent Turkic identity at international platforms

- Providing Turkic people to share their experiences and knowledge who are located around the world

- Gathering the positive values of Turkic people under a strong organization

- Becoming a worldwide known and prestigious award ceremony