Jamala JAMALADYNOVA|Vocal Artist

She was born in Osh - Kyrgyzstan in 1983. She made her first professional recording at the age of 9, singing 12 children and folk Crimean Tatar songs. Graduated from the Music school piano class in her native Alushta, and Simferepol Music College. Also graduated from the National Music Academy named after Tchaikovsky (Kiev) as well, majoring in opera singing. She won her first award from “Concorso Europeo Amici Della Musica” (Friends of Music in Europe) competition. She proved herself as a prominent jazz singer with her participation to “Pa” musical as a soprano in 2006 Young Artists Festival. She had performed solo concerts in Moscow, Berlin and Kiev under the title “The Revue Show”. She attended many TV shows in Ukraine. Cosmopolitan Magazine entitled her as “Breakthrough of the Year”. She won the "Singer of the Year" Elle Style Award and the "Ukrainians’ Idol" nomination at the "Person of the Year” in 2009. She released her first album consisting of her own compositions “For Every Heart” in 2011.  


Orhan GENCEBAY|Composer - Vocal Artist

He was born in Samsun in 1944. He started his music career by taking violin and mandolin lessons from Emin Tarakcı when he was 6 years-old. He grasped the Turkish music and bağlama at the age of 7. With the age of 10, he started to compose. His father’s encouragements introduced Gencebay with the Turkish Art Music and tambur, a stringed instrument similar to the mandolin. In 1967, he worked a period of time in the İstanbul Radio House. He has approximately 1000 compositions within which 400 songs have been sung by him. His compositions are listened and adopted in Mediterranean Countries, Middle East, Centre Asia and Europe where the Turks live.