Bülent ARINÇ | Vice Prime Minister of Turkish Republic

Bülent Arınç was born on 25 May 1948, Bursa. Father’s name İbrahim and mother’s name Ayşe. Lawyer, graduated from Faculty of Law, Ankara University. Worked as self-employed lawyer. Founding member of Justice and Development Party. Deputy elected from Manisa for 20, 21, 22 and 23rd terms. During the 22nd term served as a Chairman of Turkish Grand National Assembly. During the 23rd term was the Chairman of Turkish Group of Black Sea Parliamentary Assembly for Economic Cooperation (KEIPA). In the course of this position he was appointed as a State Minister and Deputy Prime Minister in 60th government. During the 61st government became a Deputy Prime Minister. Arınç has advanced English, married and has two children.



Rauf DENKTAŞ | Former President of Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus

Was born on 27 January 1924 in Baf town, Cyprus. Graduated from Lefkosa English School. After graduation he worked as translator, incumbent in court in Magusa and then for one year worked as a teacher in English School. In 1949 he was appointed as prosecutor and worked till 1958. After 1963 events, while defending rights of Turkish nation in London Conference and United Nations, Makarios prohibited Denktaş return to the island and declared him persona non grata. During this period he worked in Cyprus desk of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ankara. In July of 1964 together with students through secret route they stepped up Erenköy in Cyprus. Later returned back to Ankara through same route to inform Inonu government and requested military intervention. After the elections of 5 July 1970 Rauf DENKTAŞ again was elected as the Speaker of Turkish Community’s Parliament. In 16 February 1973 he was again elected as the President by the Turkish Community of Cyprus and in 28 February 1973 took office as the Vice-President of Cyprus and Head of the Cyprus Turk Government. In 6 July 2005 the Government of Turkish Republic awarded Mr. Rauf R. Denktaş with “Outstanding Medal of Merit”. He passed away on 13 January 2012.



Ambassador Ramil HASANOV | Secretary General of the Turkish Kenes

Mr. Hasanov was born on 23 September 1978. He holds Bachelor’s Degree from Faculty of History of Baku State University and Master’s Degree from Faculty of International Relations of Baku State University. From 15 January 2010 until 1 October 2013 Mr. Hasanov continued his activities as the Secretary General of TURKPA International Secretariat - Head of the diplomatic mission. Mr. Ramil Hasanov was appointed as the Secretary General of the Cooperation Council of Turkic Speaking States (Turkic Council) by the decision of the Presidents of Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Turkey at the Fourth Summit of the Turkic Council held on 5 June 2014.  Mr. Hasanov has a diplomatic rank of Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the first class. He is fluent in English, Russian and Turkish. Married, has one daughter.


Ziyatdin KASSANOV | Businessman, Chairman of The World Union of Ahiskan Turks

Ziyatdin Kassanov Ismihanoglu was born on 23 November 1958 in Almaty, Kazakhstan. He went to #99 school in Almaty and in 1977-1981 graduated from Almaty National Faculty of Economics. Later he did masters in economics. In 1982 Ziyatdin Kassanov Ismihanoglu started to his career at Kazakshtan SSR’s Ministry of Development. During 1982-1995 years held different positions in Kazakshtan SSR’s Ministry of Development. Later he was appointed for managerial position at the same ministry. In 1999 he was elected for the chairmanship of the Republic if Kazakhstan Turkic Culture Center (Ahyska) Kazakhstan National Council. Above mentioned Center is the part of Kazakhstan Republic Council of Nations. In 2008 elected as a Chairman of the World Union of Ahyska Turks (DATÜB).In 2013 at the 19th Assambly of Kazakhstan’s Nations he was appointed as Chairman by the President of Kazakhstan Republic Nursultan Nazarbaev.




Ali TOTORKULOV | Businessman, President of Elbrusoid Karaçay-Balkar Foundation, Russia

Ali Totorkulov was born in 1961 in the village NoviyKarachay of Karachaevskdistrict, Stavropol region, presedent KarachayCherkess republic. He has higher education in Economy, graduated from Moscow Commercial University, present Plekhanov Russian University of Economics.  He served in Soviet army from 1983-1985 in the city of Ulyanovsk. From 2012 Chairman of Russian Congress of Caucasian People. President of Youth Dzudo School “Elbrusoid” in Cherkessk. During his public activity, Ali Totorkulov has initiated and organized lots of remarkable social activities at regional and federal levels. All these projects are dedicated to support Karachay-Balkarian youth, popularization of national culture, harmonization of international and interreligious relations. He thinks that a true patriot is only that one who knows and loves his own culture and respects the other`s. He is married and has six children (three sons and three daughters).




Prof. Dr. Viktor BUTANAYEV | Khakas State University, Khakas

Professor Butanayev Viktor Yakovlevich was born in 12th March 1946 Kamchatka in the family of military serviceman. His father Butanaev Yakov Nikolaevich, former pilot and participant of WWII. In 1991-1994 he works as an ethnographer in folklore sector of Institute of Philology, Siberian branch of Russian Academy of Science (Novosibirsk city) and in 1993-1996 head of ethnographic laboratory at N.F.Katanov. Since 1994 works at Hakas State university named after N.F.Katanov. In 1994 ethnographic expedition was held to North-West of Mongolia. During this expedition ethno-cultural ties between Sayan-Altai turks and western monogls-oirats; Tuvinians of Bayan-Ulgeisk region living close to the borders of China were examined, and travel to the lake of Kyrgyz-Nur that ancestral home of hakas-kyrgyz was made. He is the holder of several awards such as “Turksoy” (2002), “Dank” (2002), “Honored Science Worker of the Kyrgyz Republic” and diploma by the Association of Book Publishers of Russia.



Prof. Dr. Turan YAZGAN | Deceased Chairman of Turkic World Research Foundation

He was born in 1938 Egirdir district of Sparta. He went to the Egirdir Zafer Elementary School in 1948, Istanbul Vefa Lyceum middle school in 1951, and graduated from Science Department of Kastamony lyceum with honours diploma. He worked five years as an “Economic researcher” and “Environment Planner” at the Ministry of Development and Housing. Magazines he published about Turkic world have reached hundreds of tomes.. Due to his works in Turkey and Turkic World, he was awarded with R.T. Presidency “Outstanding Service Award”, received numerous awards from various institutions and universities, his name is given to the streets, districts, parks and main streets, in his hometown Sparta/Egirdir to the Anatolian lyceum and main street on which it located, Institute in Chymkent/Kazakhstan, he was warded by Honorary Professor Title from the various universities of Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tatarstan, Azerbaijan and Turkey. Turan Yazgan is married and has three sons and five grandchildren.





Being the 150th anniversary of his birthday, 2014 has been dedicated to ToktogulSatilganUulu, great poet, composer and thinker of Kirghiz people. While cultural ties are being consolidated it is crucial that the common values be emphasized and mutually promoted. Throughout 2014, birth anniversary of the poet was celebrated in his hometown Kyrgyzstan, Astana, Ankara, Eskisehir, Istanbul, Moscow, Baku, Almaty and Tashkent. Life, poetry and thought of the great poet as well as debates, songs and melodies of his era will be introduced through “ToktogulYear” festivals.



Kyrgyzstan- Prof. GülzuraCUMAKUNOVA

Azerbaijan- Prof. Ramiz ASKER

Kazakhstan- Prof. TemirkanTEBEGENOV 

Uzbekistan- Assoc. Prof. ZuhriddinİSOMUDDİNOV

Turkmenistan- Assoc. Prof. BerdiSARIYEV 


Nur DAUTOV | Composer, Bashkortostan

Born in 5th January 1965 in Pahar village of Belebeev region, Bashkortostan, Russian Federation. He graduated from Ufa Music School and Ufa State Institute of art as “composer”. He is a composer of music for opera, symphony, chamber, chorus, instrumental music, folk musical instruments, movies and theater.  Author of more than 400 song and romance.  He teaches instrumentation and partitur reading at Ufa Art College. He is the Honored Artist of the Russian Federation and Bashkurdistan Republic, winner of Salavat Yulaev Bashkortostan Republic state ward, member of Russian Federation and Bashkortostan Republic’s Union of Composers. He is the chairman of Music Society of Bashkortostan Republic.


Prof. Dr. Mustafa İSEN | Republic of Turkey Rtd. Secretary General of President, Turkey

He was born in 1953, Adapazari. He was the president of Turkish Education Center (TÖMER). in 1994. Namely, he was director of Institute of Social Sciences at Ahmet Yesevi International Turkish-Kazakh University and head of department of Turkish Language and Literature at Gazi University Faculty of Arts and Sciences. He was the dean of Gazi University Faculty of Arts and Sciences in 1997. He has established the Turkish Language and Literature Department at Başkent University in 2000. He was appointed Undersecretariat of the Ministry of Culture. As soon as Abdullah GÜL became the 11th President of Turkey, he was appointed as Secretary General of the Presidency. Along the general secretariat post, he helped to make culture and art more visible at Çankaya, as a result of his special interest and expertise. In addition to this task, he was elected to membership of YÖK (the Council of Higher Education) through presidential quota. Upon the election of Recep Tayyip Erdogan to the  Presidency, Prof. Mustafa ISEN was appointed as Chief Advisor to President. He is married with three children.


Azerin | Singer, Azerbaijan

Azerin’s art career started when he was five years old at the Azerbaijan State Television and Radio as solo singer of children’s songs, and when he was 9 years old he joined as a solo singer of worldwide known dance music band “Jujulerim” and continued his art career with confident steps. In his 15 became a solo singer of “Violet” chorus of the Azerbaijan State Television and Radio. Azerin developed his musical skills through educations he received, and can perform in many languages. Some of them are Italian, Spanish, Russian, French, English, Uzbek, Kyrgyz, Kazakh and Balkan languages, festivals and concerts, and became worldwide known artist who was able to manage his voice to the entire world. In 2009-2013 years he has made a live performances in TRT Avaz and TRT Music TV channels. Since 1976 Azerin received numerous awards, gave concerts in different parts of the world, and due to these success in his artistic career, in 2006 he was awarded with the title of “Azerbaijan’s State Artist” by the President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliev. In addition, Azerin enshrined himself in the hearts of soldiers on Turkish-Azerbaijan border by voluntarily giving concerts of moral support, and known as the “Voice of Turkic World” within the borders of our common civilization.



Arslanbek SULTANBEKOV | Musician, Russia (Nogai Province)

Arslanbek SULTABEKOV, who has Nogay Turks origin from Free Nation village which is located in Karachay Cherkez Republic of Russian Federation,  was born on 23 April 1965 in Stavropolsky Kray of the Russian Federation. After military service he graduated from “Vayenna Vozduçniy Voyska” music college. There he got musical education at guitar, national misical instruments department for four years. Later he moved to Kazakhstan and worked in Kazakhstan’s State Simphonyc Orchestra, after a while he resigned from this position. Since 2011 he gave a concerts in Nogay Turks sabantoys, festivals and many other organizations. In 2013 became popular with his song “Dombyram” in Turkey and later in entire Turkic World. The song “Dombyram” authored and composed by Sultanbekov, made contribution in introducing dombyra musical instrument in Turkey and entire Turkic World. At the moment Arslanbek SULTANBEKOV lives in Astana, married and has son Anzor and daughter Aziza.




Erşad SALİHİ | Chairman of Iraq Turkmen Front

Erşad Salihi, was born in 1959 in Kirkuk’s Musalla neighborhood. He grew up in nationalistic environment. After the Cyprus Operation with his brother Rushtu Salihi they began working on establishing ‘The Secret Turkmen Salvation Army’. In 1979, the organization was uncovered. While 8 members of the organization were sentenced to death, 15 members were jailed for 10 years in prison. Erşad Salihi’s brother Rüştü Salihi was executed and he was imprisoned for ten years. After 8 years in prison he was released. Currently he is a Chairman of Iraqi Turkmen Front and Human Rights Committee in Iraqi Parliament. Salihi is married and has two children.




İmangali TASMAGAMBETOV | Defense Minister of Kazakhstan

He was born on December 9, 1956. For many years was occupied in the positions of the Prime Minister of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Secretary of State, Secretary General of the Presidency, Science and Culture Minister, Governor of Atyrau Province, mayor of the Almaty and Astana cities. Currently he is the Defense Minister of the Republic of Kazakhstan. He had chaired the Kazakhstan National Commission for UNESCO for over twenty years. Also he had undertaken tasks of the chairman of “Cultural Heritage” Committee of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Assisted in making a copies of the inscription of the ancient Turkish monuments Kultegin and bringing to Kazakhstan. As a Mayor of Kazakhstan's capital Astana he has organized "Astana - cultural capital of the Turkish World" event. He is the board chairman of International A. Margulan Foundation, author of the investigation books in Turcology field such as "Central Asia's Jewellery Art", "Sarayshyk", "Kulpytas", "Civilization on a horseback" and the owner of “Silk Road” UNESCO High Award.



Foundation of World Nomadic Games | Kyrgyzstan

Foundation of World Nomadic Games established in 2014. Preservation and development of ethnic culture. Development of traditional sports of the Turkish World. Cultural unity Turkish world’s people and promotion ethnos port in the international arena. Giving significant impulse to the development of ideology, based on the traditions of their ancestors and common Turkish culture. Development Ethno Cinematography of Turkish peoples.





Union of Architects and Engineers of Turkic World | Turkey

UAETW was established in 2002 under the name Union of Engineers and in 2010 during Astana Kurultay (Council) and by the instructions of the Presidents of Turkey, Kazakhstan and Azerbaycan gained title Union of Architects and Engineers of Turkic World (UAETW) is the International Civil Society Organization that carries out various activities on the territory of Turkic World and Related Communities. UAETW has offices in 36 country, provides services especially in the fields of engineering, architecture and city planning, and responsible for the organization of Turkic World Kurultay, Turk-Islam Cities Meetings and Project Olympics.





Hoca Ahmet Yesevi International Turkish - Kazak University | Kazakhstan

International International Khoja Akhmet Yassawi Turkish-Kazakh University is an international and autonomous mutual state university of the Republics of Turkey and Kazakhstan. The foundations of the University were first laid under the name of Turkistan State University, dated June 6, 1991. May 1, 1992, it was decided that Turkistan State University shall be the mutual university of both countries, and The Memorandum of Understanding concerning International Khoja Akhmet Yassawi Turkish-Kazakh University. Akhmet Yassawi University has 7 faculties and 1 school of higher education, and it has almost 14.000 students. Akhmet Yassawi University, which increases its education and instruction quality day by day, and which is now the most advanced university in Kazakhstan with its material infrastructure.