İmangali TASMAGAMBETOV | Defense Minister of Kazakhstan

He was born on December 9, 1956. For many years was occupied in the positions of the Prime Minister of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Secretary of State, Secretary General of the Presidency, Science and Culture Minister, Governor of Atyrau Province, mayor of the Almaty and Astana cities. Currently he is the Defense Minister of the Republic of Kazakhstan. He had chaired the Kazakhstan National Commission for UNESCO for over twenty years. Also he had undertaken tasks of the chairman of “Cultural Heritage” Committee of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Assisted in making a copies of the inscription of the ancient Turkish monuments Kultegin and bringing to Kazakhstan. As a Mayor of Kazakhstan's capital Astana he has organized "Astana - cultural capital of the Turkish World" event. He is the board chairman of International A. Margulan Foundation, author of the investigation books in Turcology field such as "Central Asia's Jewellery Art", "Sarayshyk", "Kulpytas", "Civilization on a horseback" and the owner of “Silk Road” UNESCO High Award.



Erşad SALİHİ | Chairman of Iraq Turkmen Front

Erşad Salihi, was born in 1959 in Kirkuk’s Musalla neighborhood. He grew up in nationalistic environment. After the Cyprus Operation with his brother Rushtu Salihi they began working on establishing ‘The Secret Turkmen Salvation Army’. In 1979, the organization was uncovered. While 8 members of the organization were sentenced to death, 15 members were jailed for 10 years in prison. Erşad Salihi’s brother Rüştü Salihi was executed and he was imprisoned for ten years. After 8 years in prison he was released. Currently he is a Chairman of Iraqi Turkmen Front and Human Rights Committee in Iraqi Parliament. Salihi is married and has two children.