Being the 150th anniversary of his birthday, 2014 has been dedicated to ToktogulSatilganUulu, great poet, composer and thinker of Kirghiz people. While cultural ties are being consolidated it is crucial that the common values be emphasized and mutually promoted. Throughout 2014, birth anniversary of the poet was celebrated in his hometown Kyrgyzstan, Astana, Ankara, Eskisehir, Istanbul, Moscow, Baku, Almaty and Tashkent. Life, poetry and thought of the great poet as well as debates, songs and melodies of his era will be introduced through “ToktogulYear” festivals.



Kyrgyzstan- Prof. GülzuraCUMAKUNOVA

Azerbaijan- Prof. Ramiz ASKER

Kazakhstan- Prof. TemirkanTEBEGENOV 

Uzbekistan- Assoc. Prof. ZuhriddinİSOMUDDİNOV

Turkmenistan- Assoc. Prof. BerdiSARIYEV 


Prof. Dr. Turan YAZGAN | Deceased Chairman of Turkic World Research Foundation

He was born in 1938 Egirdir district of Sparta. He went to the Egirdir Zafer Elementary School in 1948, Istanbul Vefa Lyceum middle school in 1951, and graduated from Science Department of Kastamony lyceum with honours diploma. He worked five years as an “Economic researcher” and “Environment Planner” at the Ministry of Development and Housing. Magazines he published about Turkic world have reached hundreds of tomes.. Due to his works in Turkey and Turkic World, he was awarded with R.T. Presidency “Outstanding Service Award”, received numerous awards from various institutions and universities, his name is given to the streets, districts, parks and main streets, in his hometown Sparta/Egirdir to the Anatolian lyceum and main street on which it located, Institute in Chymkent/Kazakhstan, he was warded by Honorary Professor Title from the various universities of Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tatarstan, Azerbaijan and Turkey. Turan Yazgan is married and has three sons and five grandchildren.




Prof. Dr. Viktor BUTANAYEV | Khakas State University, Khakas

Professor Butanayev Viktor Yakovlevich was born in 12th March 1946 Kamchatka in the family of military serviceman. His father Butanaev Yakov Nikolaevich, former pilot and participant of WWII. In 1991-1994 he works as an ethnographer in folklore sector of Institute of Philology, Siberian branch of Russian Academy of Science (Novosibirsk city) and in 1993-1996 head of ethnographic laboratory at N.F.Katanov. Since 1994 works at Hakas State university named after N.F.Katanov. In 1994 ethnographic expedition was held to North-West of Mongolia. During this expedition ethno-cultural ties between Sayan-Altai turks and western monogls-oirats; Tuvinians of Bayan-Ulgeisk region living close to the borders of China were examined, and travel to the lake of Kyrgyz-Nur that ancestral home of hakas-kyrgyz was made. He is the holder of several awards such as “Turksoy” (2002), “Dank” (2002), “Honored Science Worker of the Kyrgyz Republic” and diploma by the Association of Book Publishers of Russia.