Prof. Nabi AVCI|Minister of National Education of the Republic of Turkey

He was born in 1953 in Bilecik, Turkey. He graduated from the Faculty of Administrative Sciences - Middle East Technical University. He completed his Ph.D. in Communication Sciences at Anadolu University. He started his career in the Ministry of Culture as a civil servant in 1974. He became an academician at the Faculty of Communication Sciences during the establishment of Anadolu University. He also served as Advisor to the Prime Minister's Office and the Ministry of National Education. He became professor of Faculty of Communication at Istanbul Bilgi University in 2000. He was appointed as Prime Minister's Senior Advisor in 2003. He was the president of Turkish National Commission for UNESCO. He was the Chairman of Education, Culture, Youth and Sports Commission of Turkey's National Assembly before he was appointed as the Minister of National Education in 2013.

Rustam MINNIHANOV|President of the Republic of Tatarstan

He was born in Rybno - Slobosky, Tatarstan in 1957 and graduated as a mechanical engineer from Soviet Commerce Institute in 1978. He has a PhD degree in economics. Besides working as an engineer; he had been deputy chairman of Arsky Province Consumer Association between 1985 and 1993. He was also deputy chairman of People’s Deputy Regional Council and chairman of board of Regional Administrative Committee. He became the chairman of provisional government of Vysokogorsky in 1993 and was appointed as Minister of Finance in 1996 to Autonomous Republic of Tatarstan. He had served as Prime Minister between 1998 and 2010. He had worked as chairman of board of directors of Tafneft Oil Company between 2005 and 2006. He was nominated by President of Russia Dmitry Medvedev to be the new President of Autonomous Republic of Tatarstan in 2010 and on March 25, 2010 he formally assumed the office of Presidency. He is married with two children.       


Prof. Zhanseit TUIMEBAYEV| Ambassador of Kazakhstan to Ankara

He was born in 1958 in South Kazakhstan Region. He graduated from Kazakhstan State University in 1980 and from Moscow State Social University in 2000. He had received his PhD in High Sciences and earned his professorship. He had worked as teaching assistant and associate professor in Kazakhstan State University Faculty of Philology between 1980 and 1993. He began to work in Ministry of Foreign Affairs in 1993 and from 1994 onwards he had worked as First Secretary of Republic of Kazakhstan’s Embassy in Ankara, Advisor to Presidency Protocol, Consul General to Istanbul and Director General of Presidency Protocol. He had been Ambassador to Moscow between 2006 and 2007. He had been Minister of Education and Science of Republic of Kazakhstan between 2007 and 2010. Since 2010 he has been Ambassador of Kazakhstan to Ankara (Turkey). He is fluent in Kazakh, Russian and Turkish. He is married with two children.        


Ambassador Halil AKINCI | Secretary General of Turkic Council

He was born in 1945 in Ula - Muğla, Turkey. He had graduated from Foreign Relations Department at Ankara University Faculty of Political Science. He had entered Republic of Turkey Ministry of Foreign Affairs in 1968. He had been Ambassador to Slovenia between 1998 and 2002; worked as an advisor in Foreign Ministry; had been director general in Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs between 2002 and 2006; had been Ambassador to India between 2006 and 2008 and to Russia between 2008 and 2010. He had retired on age grounds in 2010 and has been appointed as secretary general of Cooperation Council of Turkic Speaking States (Turkic Council) for three years. He is fluent in English, French and Russian.

Erlan IDRISSOV | Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan

He was born in Kazakhstan in 1958. He graduated from Moscow State International Relations University and USSR Foreign Ministry Diplomacy Academy. He began to work as a diplomat in Ministry of Foreign Affairs in 1985. He had worked as First Secretary in Permanent Mission of Kazakhstan to the United Nations, Special Mission Representative, Deputy President and Deputy Foreign Minister of Republic of Kazakhstan. Between 2002 and 2007; he had been Ambassador of Republic of Kazakhstan to UK, Sweden, Norway and Ireland. Between 2007 and 2012; he had been Ambassador to US and Brazil. He was awarded with Republic of Kazakhstan’s highest decorations; Kurmet (Honor) and Parasat (Nobility). Since 2012; he has been Minister of Foreign Affairs of Republic of Kazakhstan. He is fluent in English, Urdu, French and Russian.           


TOBB| Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey

TOBB was founded with Law no.5590 on the Chambers, Commodity Exchanges and Union. It has been private sector’s vocational high institute and legal representative in Turkey. Today, TOBB has 365 members in the form of local chambers of commerce, industry, maritime commerce and commodity exchanges. It has 1.200.000 member companies from all sectors. All its agencies; General Assembly, Chambers and Commodity Exchanges Council, Board of Directors and Disciplinary Committee are being elected democratically. TOBB provides unity and solidarity between Unions and Exchanges; helps to improve commerce and industry with regards to general interests; enables the vocational activities of its members and provides trust, honesty, vocational discipline and morality among its members and between its members and society.         


Prof. Dr. Darhan KIDIRALİ | Chairman of International Turkic Academy

Kazakh scholar, Professor, Doctor of Historical Sciences. Born in 1974. Published nearly 300 papers and 10 monographs. Doing researches on Turkic world, Turkistan Unity, Mustafa Chokai, Kazak history, and on the common heritage of Turkic peoples.  Laureate of "Daryn" State Youth Award and a member of the Writers’ Union of Kazakhstan. Member of the National Commission for UNESCO and ISESCO. Held high positions at the President’s Administration of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Appointed as a Deputy Secretary-General of the Turkic Council. Currently, President of the International Turkic Academy.




Prof. Nevzat YALÇINTAŞ|Economist Academician

He was born in Ankara, Turkey in 1933.  He graduated from Istanbul School of Economy and Commerce. He received his PhD from Universidé de Caen, France and had worked in London School of Economics and Social Sciences where he became an associate professor. He became a professor in Istanbul University School of Economics in 1971. He had worked as an executive in State Planning Organization (Turkey) and in The General Directorate of State Hydraulic Works (Turkey); director general of TRT (Turkish Radio and Television Cooperation); editor-in-chief at Turkey Newspaper; faculty member at Istanbul University School of Economy; writer in Tercüman Newspaper. He had been Member of Parliament in 21stand 22ndterms from Istanbul and chairman of Turkish Group at AGİTPA. He is fluent in French, English and Arabic. He is married with two children.         

Prof. Ekmeleddin İHSANOĞLU| President of the Institute of Turkish History of Science

He was born in 1943 in Cairo, Egypt. He studied science in An Sham University where he received his BSc. He had pursued his academic studies at Al-Azhar University in Egypt and at University of Exeter in UK. He received his PhD from the Faculty of Science at Ankara University in 1974. He became a professor in 1984. He had been general director of IRCICA Islamic History, Art and Culture Research Center and head of History Department at Istanbul University Faculty of Literature. He had been Secretary General of Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) between 2004 and 2013. He was awarded with “Medal of Distinguished State Service” by President of Republic of Turkey; “Independence Medal of the First Order” by King of Jordan; “Certificate of Honor and Distinction” by OIC and “Medal of Distinction of the First Order”. Besides his mission at UNESCO and Harvard University, as a member of various science institutions, he published many books and articles in various languages about history of science, Turkic Culture, Islam - West Relations and Turkish - Arab Relations. He is married with three children. 


İrfan GÜRDAL | Art Director of Turkic World Music Society

He was born in 1966. He graduated from Ankara University Faculty of Veterinary Medicine in 1986. He passed the Ministry of Culture State Turkish Folk Music Choir Exam and began to work as a saz instrument player. In 1991; he established Silk Road Turkic Music Society while researching about local music of Turkic speaking regions around the world. He conducted research about the traditional music and instruments of Turkic people living outside of Anatolia. He compiled more than 200 songs. He had discovered new techniques in playing saz instrument. He exhibited Turkic Folk Instruments in international art and handcrafts expo and gave concerts in order to promote these instruments. In 1999, he was appointed as art director of Ministry of Culture Turkic World Music Society. He had directed and organized various concerts with this society in both Turkey and abroad. He compiled his Master’s degree in ethnomusicology at Hacettepe University Faculty of Conservatory. In 2004; he released an album called “The song of horse” in which he had collected songs about horses in Turkic music.   


TÜRKSOY | International Organization of Turkic Culture

It was founded by Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkey and Turkmenistan for cultural cooperation in 1993. Federal subjects of Russian Federation; Altai Republic, Republic of Bashkortostan, Republic of Khakassia, Tuva Republic, Republic of Tatarstan, Sakha (Yakutia) Republic, Romania’s Autonomous Territorial Unit of Gagauzia and Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus have all joined TÜRKSOY as observer members. It provides cooperation in culture and art and aims to support national awakening, state structures and democratization processes of member Turkic states. TÜRKSOY is an international organization that does not interfere with domestic and foreign policy of its members. Its host country is Turkey and administrative center is in Ankara.                


Orhan GENCEBAY|Composer - Vocal Artist

He was born in Samsun in 1944. He started his music career by taking violin and mandolin lessons from Emin Tarakcı when he was 6 years-old. He grasped the Turkish music and bağlama at the age of 7. With the age of 10, he started to compose. His father’s encouragements introduced Gencebay with the Turkish Art Music and tambur, a stringed instrument similar to the mandolin. In 1967, he worked a period of time in the İstanbul Radio House. He has approximately 1000 compositions within which 400 songs have been sung by him. His compositions are listened and adopted in Mediterranean Countries, Middle East, Centre Asia and Europe where the Turks live.

Jamala JAMALADYNOVA|Vocal Artist

She was born in Osh - Kyrgyzstan in 1983. She made her first professional recording at the age of 9, singing 12 children and folk Crimean Tatar songs. Graduated from the Music school piano class in her native Alushta, and Simferepol Music College. Also graduated from the National Music Academy named after Tchaikovsky (Kiev) as well, majoring in opera singing. She won her first award from “Concorso Europeo Amici Della Musica” (Friends of Music in Europe) competition. She proved herself as a prominent jazz singer with her participation to “Pa” musical as a soprano in 2006 Young Artists Festival. She had performed solo concerts in Moscow, Berlin and Kiev under the title “The Revue Show”. She attended many TV shows in Ukraine. Cosmopolitan Magazine entitled her as “Breakthrough of the Year”. She won the "Singer of the Year" Elle Style Award and the "Ukrainians’ Idol" nomination at the "Person of the Year” in 2009. She released her first album consisting of her own compositions “For Every Heart” in 2011.  


Şamaxı Astrophysical Observatory|Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences

It was established in Shamakhi, Azerbaijan in 1959 at an altitude of 1500 meters. From 1981 onwards, it has been commonly known as Nasr Al-Din Al-Tusi Observatory who was a famous Azeri Astronomer in 13thcentury. With the instructions of President of Azerbaijan İlham Aliyev in 2009; it was repaired and renovated. New buildings and facilities were added to its compound. 152 researchers are currently working in this observatory in the fields of Sun-Earth Relations and Space, History of Astronomy, Theoretical Astronomy, Cosmology, Helioseismology, Radio Astronomy, Sky Mechanics, Galaxy, Satellite Dynamics and Applied Astronomy. It has an important role in Azerbaijan with regards to strategic development of astronomy and education of young astronomers in various fields.        

Kyrgyzstan - Turkey Manas University

It was founded in Bishkek with an agreement signed by Republic of Turkey and Republic of Kyrgyzstan in 1995 and education activities started in 1997-1998. As of today, it has 9 faculties, 4 graduate schools, 1 vocational school; 3809 undergraduate and associate degree students from all of Turkic World and 196 Masters and PhD student in its 2 institutes. It is within the body of Council of Higher Education (YÖK) and a private university at the same status of universities in Turkey. The education is free and poor students have been offered several scholarships at Kyrgyzstan-Turkey Manas University. Cheap lunches and dormitories are available for students. The education language is Turkish and Kyrgyz. English and Russian are also taught.  

Güngör Azim TUNA| Governor of Eskisehir, Chairman of Turkic World Capital of Culture Agency

He was born in 1964 in Sinop. After completing his primary, secondary and high school education in Sinop, he graduated from Ankara University, Faculty of Political Sciences, Department of Public Administration in 1986. He began his civil servant career as a Governor Candidate of Hakkari Province in 1987. He served as prefects of Antalya - Gündoğmuş, Erzurum - Uzundere and Konya - Cihanbeyli, and as deputy governor of Kars. In 2000, he has done his Master on Public Administration at the University of Exeter, U.K. He also worked as a vice president at the Ministry of the Internal Affairs at the Department of Foreign Relations and was the Deputy Head of the EU Department. In 2008 he was appointed as head of Department of Energy Market Regulatory Authority Petroleum Market. In 2011, he was assigned as Governor of Çanakkale. He was  assigned as the Governor of Eskishehir in 2013. He knows English, is married and has two children.

Hasan DURUER|Governor of Edirne

He was born in Yozgat, Turkey in 1959. He had finished primary and secondary schools in Yozgat. In 1981, he graduated from Istanbul University Faculty of Law. He had been deputy district governor of Burhaniye; district governor of Kangal and Çermik; deputy governor of Şanlıurfa; district governor of Karacabey, Sapanca and Avcılar. He was appointed as governor of Mardin in 2008 and Edirne in 2012. He is married with two children.       

Nazım İBRAHİMOV|Minister of Diaspora of the Republic of Azerbaijan

He was born in Babek, Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic in 1963. He graduated from Azerbaijan Polytechnic Institute Department of Engineering and Mechanics. He had worked in private sector for a while. From 1997 onwards; he had been Ambassador of Azerbaijan to Ukraine, Moldova, Poland and Belarus. In 2000; he was elected as a deputy to National Assembly of Republic of Azerbaijan and at the same time; he had worked in Azeri Delegation to Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe. In 2002; he was appointed as Chairman of Committee of Azerbaijanis living abroad. In 2008; with the decree of President of Azerbaijan, he was appointed as Azerbaijan Minister of Diaspora. He is married with two children.      


Naz AYDEMİR | Player of Turkey National Volleyball Team

She was born in İstanbul in 1990. She has pursued a successful career in various clubs and national team. From 2003 onwards; she has played for Youth, Junior and Senior Turkey Women’s National Volleyball Teams. During 2007-2008; she was the captain of Youth National Team in Youth Women’s World Champion in which the team won silver medal. In 2008; during Junior Women’s European Championship in which the national team won bronze medal, she was also the captain and selected as “Most Valuable Player”. During 2008-2009, she was in the Junior National Team in which the team had become first in European Continent Olympic Qualification; third in World Grand Prix and first in Edison Cup which was held in Alassio, Italy. In 2011; she graduated from Istanbul Bilgi University Faculty of Communication. She participated to 2012 London Olympics. She won Turkish Cup and CEV Women’s Champions League with Vakıfbank Sports Club. She won “Best Setter” award twice.          


Serik SAPİYEV | Boxer of Kazakhstan National Team

He was born in Abas - Kazakhstan in 1983. He won gold medal (Light Welterweight) at the 2005 World Amateur Boxing Championships; bronze medal (Light Welterweight) at the 2006 Asian Games and gold medal (Light Welterweight) at the 2007 World Amateur Boxing Championships. He won bronze medal (Welterweight) at the 2009 World Amateur Boxing Championships; silver medal (Welterweight) at the 2011 World Amateur Boxing Championships and gold medal (Welterweight) at 2012 London Olympics. He has signed up for the new AIBA professional league, called AIBA Pro Boxing (APB), which was launched in autumn 2013. He was known as one of the fastest boxer who has the best technique around the world.