Prof. Dr. Mustafa İSEN | Republic of Turkey Rtd. Secretary General of President, Turkey

He was born in 1953, Adapazari. He was the president of Turkish Education Center (TÖMER). in 1994. Namely, he was director of Institute of Social Sciences at Ahmet Yesevi International Turkish-Kazakh University and head of department of Turkish Language and Literature at Gazi University Faculty of Arts and Sciences. He was the dean of Gazi University Faculty of Arts and Sciences in 1997. He has established the Turkish Language and Literature Department at Başkent University in 2000. He was appointed Undersecretariat of the Ministry of Culture. As soon as Abdullah GÜL became the 11th President of Turkey, he was appointed as Secretary General of the Presidency. Along the general secretariat post, he helped to make culture and art more visible at Çankaya, as a result of his special interest and expertise. In addition to this task, he was elected to membership of YÖK (the Council of Higher Education) through presidential quota. Upon the election of Recep Tayyip Erdogan to the  Presidency, Prof. Mustafa ISEN was appointed as Chief Advisor to President. He is married with three children.


Nur DAUTOV | Composer, Bashkortostan

Born in 5th January 1965 in Pahar village of Belebeev region, Bashkortostan, Russian Federation. He graduated from Ufa Music School and Ufa State Institute of art as “composer”. He is a composer of music for opera, symphony, chamber, chorus, instrumental music, folk musical instruments, movies and theater.  Author of more than 400 song and romance.  He teaches instrumentation and partitur reading at Ufa Art College. He is the Honored Artist of the Russian Federation and Bashkurdistan Republic, winner of Salavat Yulaev Bashkortostan Republic state ward, member of Russian Federation and Bashkortostan Republic’s Union of Composers. He is the chairman of Music Society of Bashkortostan Republic.