Rauf DENKTAŞ | Former President of Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus

Was born on 27 January 1924 in Baf town, Cyprus. Graduated from Lefkosa English School. After graduation he worked as translator, incumbent in court in Magusa and then for one year worked as a teacher in English School. In 1949 he was appointed as prosecutor and worked till 1958. After 1963 events, while defending rights of Turkish nation in London Conference and United Nations, Makarios prohibited Denktaş return to the island and declared him persona non grata. During this period he worked in Cyprus desk of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ankara. In July of 1964 together with students through secret route they stepped up Erenköy in Cyprus. Later returned back to Ankara through same route to inform Inonu government and requested military intervention. After the elections of 5 July 1970 Rauf DENKTAŞ again was elected as the Speaker of Turkish Community’s Parliament. In 16 February 1973 he was again elected as the President by the Turkish Community of Cyprus and in 28 February 1973 took office as the Vice-President of Cyprus and Head of the Cyprus Turk Government. In 6 July 2005 the Government of Turkish Republic awarded Mr. Rauf R. Denktaş with “Outstanding Medal of Merit”. He passed away on 13 January 2012.



Bülent ARINÇ | Vice Prime Minister of Turkish Republic

Bülent Arınç was born on 25 May 1948, Bursa. Father’s name İbrahim and mother’s name Ayşe. Lawyer, graduated from Faculty of Law, Ankara University. Worked as self-employed lawyer. Founding member of Justice and Development Party. Deputy elected from Manisa for 20, 21, 22 and 23rd terms. During the 22nd term served as a Chairman of Turkish Grand National Assembly. During the 23rd term was the Chairman of Turkish Group of Black Sea Parliamentary Assembly for Economic Cooperation (KEIPA). In the course of this position he was appointed as a State Minister and Deputy Prime Minister in 60th government. During the 61st government became a Deputy Prime Minister. Arınç has advanced English, married and has two children.