Ali TOTORKULOV | Businessman, President of Elbrusoid Karaçay-Balkar Foundation, Russia

Ali Totorkulov was born in 1961 in the village NoviyKarachay of Karachaevskdistrict, Stavropol region, presedent KarachayCherkess republic. He has higher education in Economy, graduated from Moscow Commercial University, present Plekhanov Russian University of Economics.  He served in Soviet army from 1983-1985 in the city of Ulyanovsk. From 2012 Chairman of Russian Congress of Caucasian People. President of Youth Dzudo School “Elbrusoid” in Cherkessk. During his public activity, Ali Totorkulov has initiated and organized lots of remarkable social activities at regional and federal levels. All these projects are dedicated to support Karachay-Balkarian youth, popularization of national culture, harmonization of international and interreligious relations. He thinks that a true patriot is only that one who knows and loves his own culture and respects the other`s. He is married and has six children (three sons and three daughters).




Ziyatdin KASSANOV | Businessman, Chairman of The World Union of Ahiskan Turks

Ziyatdin Kassanov Ismihanoglu was born on 23 November 1958 in Almaty, Kazakhstan. He went to #99 school in Almaty and in 1977-1981 graduated from Almaty National Faculty of Economics. Later he did masters in economics. In 1982 Ziyatdin Kassanov Ismihanoglu started to his career at Kazakshtan SSR’s Ministry of Development. During 1982-1995 years held different positions in Kazakshtan SSR’s Ministry of Development. Later he was appointed for managerial position at the same ministry. In 1999 he was elected for the chairmanship of the Republic if Kazakhstan Turkic Culture Center (Ahyska) Kazakhstan National Council. Above mentioned Center is the part of Kazakhstan Republic Council of Nations. In 2008 elected as a Chairman of the World Union of Ahyska Turks (DATÜB).In 2013 at the 19th Assambly of Kazakhstan’s Nations he was appointed as Chairman by the President of Kazakhstan Republic Nursultan Nazarbaev.