Dr. Torhan ALMUFTI | Minister of State for Provincial and Minister of Communication, Republic of Iraq

He was born in Kirkuk in 1972. He graduated from Mosul University Department of Geology in 1994. He completed his masters in Geo-Chemistry in 1996 and received his PhD in 2002 from Mosul University. Between 2005 and 2010 he had been member of Kirkuk Local Government’s Town Council. As a member of Iraq Geology Association, Iraqi Scientists Society and American Association of Petroleum Geologists; he had conducted many researches in the field and many academic studies in various universities. He attended many conferences in the region as a speaker. He was appointed as State Minister of Provisional Affairs in 2010. In 2012; he has been also appointed as Iraqi Minister of Communication. He is fluent in Turkish, Arabic and English. 

Ahmet YEŞİLTEPE | Journalist

His journalism career began in 1992 at TRT. He had attended several broadcasting corporations’ certificate programs such as Reuters, BBC and Deutche Welle. He studied TV journalism and production in Columbia University and Rutgers University and did his masters in media marketing. He had worked as Washington and New York correspondent for NTV and TRT. From 2004 onwards; he had worked as main news anchor and contributed to various shows and programs. He had worked as general coordinator of Radios in Doğuş Media Group for 4 years and chief editor of NTVMSNBC for 5 years. He had worked as writer and a member of editorial board in NTV History Magazine. He had received Progressive Journalists Association’s Award for his history show in radio and also for his success in TV journalism. He is a member of Media High Council and Board of Directors of Internet Media.    


Murteza SULUCOOCA | Owner and Executive Editor of Yeni Balkan Newspaper

He was born in Resne, Macedonia in 1976. He went to “Isa Bey” High School in Skopje and Wrote in “İkre” magazine. He graduated from Ankara University Faculty of Divinity in 2000. He did his masters degree in History of Religion at Ankara University Social Sciences Institute. He had formed many magazines such as “Balkan Letter” in Ankara, “Red Apple” in Resne and “Garden” in Skopje. He had worked at the Office of Mufti in Resne for some time. He founded New Balkan Newspaper which was the only voice of Macedonian Turks at that time. He had worked as a journalist of Anatolian Agency in Macedonia. In 2008, he received İLESAM (Professional Organization and Federation of Authors of Intellectual and Artistic Works) Encouragement Award. He was the second term president of Macedonian Journalist Association. He is still Macedonian committee of chairman of Media Platform of Turkish Speaking Countries and Communities. He is married with two children.